Charting your fertility, mindfully

Charting your cycle gives you insight into... you!

  • Learn how the menstrual cycle works and become autonomous in the way you handle your fertility
  • Balance your cycles naturally through your observations and lifestyle
  • Discover how to prepare for pregnancy and breastfeeding

fertility awareness and mindfulness

Skills acquired at the end of a course

This list is not comprehensive.

  • Know how to identify the fertile and infertile days of your menstrual cycle
  • Be able to manage your fertility autonomously
  • Know how to prepare for a pregnancy, months before you get pregnant
  • Know what elements disrupt your cycle
  • Manage your PMS
  • Know yourself and trust yourself
  • Become more compassionat with yourself

What's next?

Choose if you want a course in:

  1. Avoiding pregnancy
  2. Preparing a pregnancy

Or if you want to set out on a six week program in a small group (must be between three and ten people to take place).

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