Mindfulness-Based Charting

From knowing to being:
a six-week small group program to get you started in cycle charting!
fertility awareness mindfulness program


For a guided start

  • You want to try charting, but you don't dare. Being part of a group going through the same experience reassures you!
  • You wish to feel encouraged at every step, whether it is in your discoveries, your questions, your relationship or to be sure to keep your focus and your motivation.
  • You prefer talking to others rather than watching replay videos, which do not allow for discussion.
  • You wish to work on your mindset and not only on charting.

Who is it for?

For those who wish to treat their body as a friend

This program is for you if:

  • You wish to be introduced to cycle charting, whether for contraception, conception, or otherwise.
  • You prefer starting in a group to be able to exchange with other women following the same experience.
  • You want to stop spending hours on Google looking for answers.

What will be included?

The details

  • An individual video call (solo or as a couple) before the start of the program.
  • Six weekly meetings of 1h30 each (approximately) to take stock, share feelings and discuss with other members, as well as ask your questions.
  • Address three main themes: consumption, stress and libido.
  • Tips and advice that will help you learn to chart your cycles, particularly through mindfulness exercises.

Sounds like something you'd be intersted in? Set up a call to discuss it with me, or sign up for the waiting list!